My current research investigates online communities inside closed and secret Facebook groups, and how their behaviours contribute to an experience of a diasporic black cultural identity. I will be examining codeswitching between groups with different demographics, and how online actors curate narratives of self-representation in different digital contexts.

£2885 Innovation Initiative Grant, Edinburgh University 2016-2017
‘Project Myopia’
Ph.D. Studentship, London Arts and Humanities Partnership 2017-2020
£8500 grant, London Arts and Humanities Partnership 2017-2018
‘Project Myopia’
Sparqs ‘Student Engagement Award’ – runner-up 2017
EUSA Impact Award – nominated 2017
£600 Research Bursary, ‘Text Hackathon’, Centre for Textual Studies, Leicester de Montfort, Leicester, November 2017

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